Huntington Gardens Rock the Dress

In the last ten or so years, there has been an awesome phenomenon in wedding photography called a “trash the dress” photo shoot.  Brides all over the world have donned their wedding dress for a second time and modeled for a photographer while literally destroying their dresses.  The theory behind this type of a shoot is that the wedding is over and the bride won’t ever wear the dress again. So why not trash it while making beautiful images instead of letting it collect moths in a closet?  We think it is a fantastic idea, but what about all the brides who aren’t so eager to part with their most cherished of keepsakes?!?

We present to you: the Rock the Dress session!  Rather than going for the shock value of a trash the dress session, give your (likely expensive) dress the respect it deserves by modeling it in a full-fledged fashion shoot.  This is your opportunity to get breath-taking shots in incredible locations that would otherwise be difficult to achieve within the constraints of a wedding day.  Afterward, you might need to get the dress dry-cleaned, which you should plan on doing after the wedding anyway!  Who says you can’t have your wedding cake and eat it too?

This Rock the Dress session was sooooo much fun!  We started out at the historic Huntington Botanical Gardens, where a kind groundskeeper drove us around on a golf cart so we could shoot in all of the best spots.  For the second location, we drove out to Leo Carillo State Park (where the groom originally proposed to the bride), and were able to capture some really romantic moments during sunset.